The FoEP committee consists of up to twelve members, committee members being elected for a period of three years at an AGM in February.  There is no limit to the number of three-year terms a member may serve but they must seek re-election every three years.


​The FoEP's Constitutional Objectives are listed on the first 'About Us' page. The current constitution (adopted at the February 2019 AGM) can be downloaded from the following link:

The original 2007 constitution, with slight modifications and corrections made in 2011, can be downloaded for comparative purposes from this link:


  1. Mr Mark Boyce (Treasurer)

  2. Mr Colin Bricher

  3. Mr Christopher Freeman

  4. Borough Cllr Paul Joyce (Eastfield Ward)

  5. Borough Cllr Anna King (Phippsville Ward)

  6. Mr Tony Mallard (Vice-Chair)

  7. Ms Vikkie Maloney

  8. Ms Linda Martin

  9. Ms Carole Morrison (Secretary)

  10. Mr Martin Sawyer

  11. Dr Vic Smith (Chair)

There is one vacancy on the 2020 Committee


Friends of Eastfield Park (FoEP) was originally formed in November 2006 as a result of local community interest in improving Eastfield Park. The organisation was officially constituted at a public meeting in November 2007. A new constitution was adopted at the AGM in February 2019.