ACTS in Eastfield Park:

Activity 6:

Make an A4 poster that would either attract more visitors to Eastfield Park or help reduce antisocial activity in the Park.  Scan or photograph your poster and send it to the FoEP.  The best posters will be shown on this website.

Student anti-litter poster
Child's anti-litter poster

Winning posters from the 2012 FoEP 'Away with Litter' poster competition. 

Left: Monika Zwolanowska from Northampton College; Right: Megan New from Cedar Road Primary.

Submission for Activity 6 made in 2020:
Why not submit a poster for 2021?
Katie Honey - Aged 7.jpg

Well done, Katie! You were the first to submit a poster in 2020 and the first to complete any Activity.