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NBC 'Day of Action' at Eastfield Park

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

A small team of staff from Northampton Borough Council, assisted by a volunteer from idverde (the company who mainains the Park on behalf of NBC) and two from the Friends of Eastfield Park, held a 'Day of Action' in and around the Park on Thursday, 29th October 2020. The aims of the Day of Action were threefold:

  1. To deliver letters to homes around the Park warning residents not to fly-tip in the Park or carry out other unauthorised activities such as trimming trees and bushes.

  2. To clear an area of scrub on the lake embankment adjacent to Mallard Walk (the all-weather cross-park pathway) and transfer the woody green waste to an idverde pod for disposal.

  3. To collect litter and other rubbish from the Park's ponds and surrounding area, and transfer it to a cage for disposal.

All three objectives were achieved and, additionally, a few weed trees on the lake bank were reduced in height, litter was collected from a wider area around the Park, and Vic Smith (the FoEP Chair) was able to discuss a number of park-related issues with Nicola Clarke (Community Engagement Officer for idverde).

Part of the lake embankment cleared of unwanted scrub and 'weed trees' and generally tidied up on the 'Day of Action' (and preceding two days).  The work has been done to improve the view to and from the pathway (Mallard Walk) and, hopefully, reduce vandalism.  It is hpped to gradually work along the whole length of the embankment.  The pile of logs has been deliberately left as a habitat for wildlife.
Looking Tidy!
Rubbish, including a large plastic toy and a car tyre, and lots of litter, including many drinks cans and bottles, was removed from the bottom pond on the 'Day of Action'.
No rubbish!

Considering the weather conditions on the day, particularly at the start of the activities, the group managed to achieve a great deal in a relatively short period of time. Although Chris Stacey (NBC Park Ranger for Eastfield Park) was unable to help on the day he had done a great deal of work on the embankment on the two days preceding the Day of Action, cutting and strimming unwanted vegetation, so the team only had to concentrate on tidying up on the Thursday.

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